SunWest Website Build + Launch

UI/UX Design, Branding

01. The Challenge

The old site was hard to read, difficult to navigate with redundant menus, and overall not aesthetically-pleasing or on-brand. We were limited in what we could control with the CMS platform powered by Fiserv, and we were unable to make any design changes; even adding a new promotional page warranted a help desk request. Our analytics were also an issue because the production site was not hidden from Google, causing a duplicate site to be read. Blog capabilities were another pain point. We desperately wanted to have a different blog targeting each youth account age group to help boost participation. We realized we needed a platform where we could not only control the content, but also the design and SEO elements to properly represent our digital brand.

02. The Strategy

After doing some serious web surfing, I came across Webflow and their university library of how-to videos, tips, and tricks, especially for custom interactions and engaging animations. I discovered that Webflow would allow us to design, maintain, and control every aspect of our site. Last-minute rate change? Easy. New promotional page for this season's personal loan campaign? Done. Multiple blogs and landing pages to better target youth account age groups? Finito. Now all I had to do was build the site...

The scope of work was daunting, but we were determined to tackle this challenge. I began taking UI/UX courses to beef up my expertise on digital design and best practices:


Research, Concept, Competitive Set Analysis


Information Architecture + Wire-framing, Digital Strategy, Brand Alignment


Mockups, UX/UI Design, Website Design, Blog Design


Web Development, Quality Assurance: Test, test, + test again, Back-end Development, Front-end Development


Web Hosting, Analytics Reporting, SEO Optimization, Launch Advertising Campaign, Online Banking Integration


Accuracy of Information, Current Promotions, Events, + Contests with Corresponding Landing Pages, Posts to 4 Blogs + Monitor Comments, Ask SunWest Video Series, Pounce Accounts Coloring Sheet Library, Form Results to Proper Channels, Enhance Accessibility

03. The Result

SunWest's new website design hit all our goals and then some. Not only does it have a clean and fresh look, it's functional beyond our wildest dreams. The new site is far more engaging with custom-made interactions and animations, and enhances the new written content's witty tone of voice. It's easy to use, gracefully responsive, and all the information is organized in a logical way. Our members don't wonder where to click next, and it shows! Our analytics are now accurate, so we can measure and track our audience. is on-brand and sets the tone for the entire brand.

Work in progress - more content coming soon!

old site

new site


avg. minute duration per visit


organic traffic increase


avg. monthly sessions


avg. monthly product page sessions

see it for yourself

Learn more about how I built the site in Webflow with the behind-the-scenes video I made for the Webflow team.

*Please note that no longer have creative control of the site since moving on from my position at SunWest Credit Union at the end of 2021.

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