Alight 2023 Annual Report

Graphic Design, Illustration

01. The Challenge

It had been several years since Alight published a fully-designed Annual Report document. The goal for this year was to create a beautiful booklet that would serve as a comprehensive overview of Alight's work around the world, and that we'd be able to present it in-hand to board members during the annual meeting in October.

02. The Strategy

As a time-saving tactic for this tight-turnaround project, we were originally going to reuse a previous design from a freelancer and keep the report to a 20 page maximum. However, the brief changed to included stories from each Enterprise location, expanding the document to 40 pages. In light of this expansion, we were given more time to work on this project which allowed me to really give a bold boost to the design. I worked closely with the brand writer and marketing manager to enhance customer stories and impact results. I also worked closely with the printer to confirm page counts and ensure the reports would be delivered by the deadline for the annual meeting.

03. The Result

The core design of the report survived all levels of executive approval, and we have a visual story-telling piece to use to promote Alight's work across the globe. The report focuses on the impact Alight has made around the world, highlighting remarkable customer stories from every region with compelling copy and engaging design. Brushstroke elements threaded throughout the pages echo the winding journeys our customers travel. Photo treatments bring the customers forward, transcending their original background, to show how we work alongside them to co-create solutions. Captivating customer stories are accentuated by Alight photography, gradient overlays, and impact statistics.

The images below are the mockups and graphics I created for sharing on social media, as well as an in-office monitors screen for display during the annual meeting.

Work in progress - more content coming soon!

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Learn more about how I built the site in Webflow with the behind-the-scenes video I made for the Webflow team.

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