My Moshi Day Launch Promo

Graphic Design, Animation, Motion Graphics, Marketing, Ads

01. The Challenge

The goal was to create a series of graphics and animations that really showcase for viewers the new look, feel and user experience called My Moshi Day.

02. The Strategy

Change is usually unwelcome by users, so I wanted to make it clear how their favorite and familiar Moshling characters would be there to help guide their experience in the app.

03. The Result

I created animated and static graphics for social media, email and in-app messages to promote the launch of the new in-app look and features. Using the beautiful illustrations, UI design, and character animations from the talented Moshi creative team, the animation transitions the viewer through each of the four different phases encompassed in a day: Morning, Day, Evening and Night. It shows the viewer what they can expect when they pick up the app at each time of day, and how a character will guide them through suggested content in the app.

Work in progress - more content coming soon!

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new site


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see it for yourself

Learn more about how I built the site in Webflow with the behind-the-scenes video I made for the Webflow team.

*Please note that no longer have creative control of the site since moving on from my position at SunWest Credit Union at the end of 2021.

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