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01. The Challenge

Moshi contracted a design agency to execute the rebrand shortly before I started working at Moshi. The agency did a fantastic job with the information they were provided, but some of the assets/direction they created (especially the social media graphics) still weren't quite hitting the Moshi mark. The website needs consistent feature and design updates, and Moshi for Schools also needed a fresh look.

02. The Strategy

Moshi's graphics are tone-on-tone and use doodles to accent and enhance branded messages. During my first week on the job, I changed three of the colors they provided to mesh better with the other colors in the brand family. I also started developing my own set of doodles and social media templates to provide brand consistency and to ensure that designs are relevant to the context of the content. I've also moved away from using gradient backgrounds so that text is more legible and our content is overall more accessible. Now that the product is a child-led experience with the introduction of Moshi PLAY, I've revamped graphics to incorporate more Moshi world characters and artwork. This help establish a fun and engaging experience on first impression.

03. The Result

Since I've rebranded the Moshi look and establish a set brand direction, Moshi's social accounts have seen wild success. Social engagement has increased by 80% and audience growth has increased by 43% since January 2022. Between me and my Junior Designer, pretty much all of Moshi's print and digital assets have been redesigned, not limited but including, the brand guidelines, social media post templates, social media banners, doodle iconography, app icon, app store assets, web pages, pitch decks, and partnership materials.

Work in progress - more content coming soon!

old site

new site


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see it for yourself

Learn more about how I built the site in Webflow with the behind-the-scenes video I made for the Webflow team.

*Please note that no longer have creative control of the site since moving on from my position at SunWest Credit Union at the end of 2021.

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