Chain Reaction Campaign

Creative Direction, Visual Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

01. The Challenge

Alight's fall/winter holiday giving campaign is the largest marketing campaign of the year. The theme and concept for the 2023 campaign was "Alight Chain Reaction," hoping to inspire donors and supporters by highlighting how small acts of kindness and generosity are contagious and can be passed on/paid forward.

02. The Strategy

I knew I wanted to use animated elements to clearly illustrate the "chain reaction" notion. I was limited to using Alight brand colors, but I could branch out and use an alternate font for the campaign. I developed a couple of scaleable looks to present to my manager and team, and we discussed the merits of each direction. In the end, my team and I decided to move forward with my initial idea to use the star shapes, cozy grain texture and the more saturated colors in the Alight pallet, Equinox Blue and Solstice Pink, with pops of Sunrise Yellow and Harvest Moon for balance. The bold, block font is different than anything Alight had used in the past, and I thought it would make impactful call-outs and help serve as an effective scroll-stopper.

03. The Result

The result was a strong and relevant campaign direction that was easily scalable across animated and static social media, email layouts and gifs, website promotions, event invites, post card mailers, greeting card mailers, email signatures and event design that helped our fundraising team get closer to their goal for FY2024. Special emphasis graphics helped to meet Giving Tuesday and Give to the Max Day fundraising goals, as well.

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Learn more about how I built the site in Webflow with the behind-the-scenes video I made for the Webflow team.

*Please note that no longer have creative control of the site since moving on from my position at SunWest Credit Union at the end of 2021.

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